No Love is Forever

life is something you cant trust
whether it be with you heart, love, or lust
but loves a fire you cant put out
its doesnt grow cold it doesnt give out
when someone says they will love you forever
Forever isnt that long
the love gives out or someone grows bored
or someone goes caotic from something they heard
the end result is never even good
cause, forever isnt that long
it might seem like you love them for them
but you dont really know who they are
you find real soon and you dont like it anymore
guess what??
forever isnt that long

Your eyes are the stars that shine so bright,
Your arms are the blanket that wraps me tight.
Your body’s my shield that protects me from harm,
Your touch is my teddy bear, soft and warm.
Your hand is the tissue that dries my tears,
Your strength is my sword that fights my fears.
Your smile’s my sun that brightens my days,
Your kiss is the wind that takes my breath away.
Your hair is the sky as black as night,
Your laughter’s a child so full of life.
Your voice is the lullaby that sings me to sleep,
Your lips are a candy so juicy and sweet.
Your’e the answer to my prayers from up above,
The one who will always have my love.

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